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Free Standing Hay Rack
 #FHR4:  4' Free Standing Hay Rack - $175.00
#FHR8:  8' Free Standing Hay Rack - $250.00

Add 4' Rain Canopy to 4' Hay Rack - $99.00
Add 8' Rain Canopy to 8' Hay Rack - $149.00

Dissembles for easy transport and storage
Hay Barn Covered Round Bale Feeder
Keep your hay dry this season with a easy to use Hay Barn.  This allows the bale to sit on it's end, keeping you animals from climbing on it.  Using is a snap with tops the lift up out of the way or can completely be removed.  After the season simple fold it up and store.

(Item #HB1)
Hay Barn Covered Round Bale Feeder - $235.00
Collapsible Round Bale Feeder
Would you like to keep your hay bales out of the mud and dirt, then look into a Hay Riser Hay Rack.  This hay rack can support up to 1500lb bales, round or square and with the safety roll bar there is not worry of the bale tipping off or the hay riser hay rack closing shut. 

Collapsible Round Bale Feeder with Roll Bar - $239.00
The Big Bale Feeder
On of our newest items is the Big Bale Feeder.  This hay feeder holds your bale 16 inches off the ground and opens from both sides for those who to prefer to feed with round bales.  Both ends of the feeder open up to make loading hay easier. 

The Big Bale Feeder   - $429.00
Optional Bolt on Roof - $259.00
Optional Trough- $179.00
Wall Mount Hay Rack
Available in 4' and 8' sizes.  These hay racks are mounted to the side of wall.  The 4' holds one square bale while the 8' is designed for 2 square bales.  So drop in your bale and pull the strings and there you go.  These hay racks are made with 4"x4" welded wire to keep you livestock from wasting hay.

(Item #WMHR4)
Wall Mount Hay Rack - $85.00

(Item #WMHR8)
Wall Mount Hay Rack - $134.00
Hanging Stall/Kidding Pen Feeder
These feeders are ideal for any small area where the convience of both a hay feeder and grain feeder is needed.  This can include stalls, show & kidding pens.  Hooks on the back side allow for fast and easy attachment.  Perfect for use with alpacas, llamas, goats, sheep or any other small livestock needs

(Item #GFKP)
20" Small Hanging Stall Feeder - $79.00

(Item #GFKPL)
40" Large Hanging Stall Feeder - $169.00
Mini Feeder
This new item is our mini hay and grain feeder which works well for donkeys and horses.  With its increased height between the feed pan and hay rack, larger livestock heads fit easier.  Overall height is 20", hay rack 12", width 12.5", depth 14"

(Item #GFMINI)
Mini Feeder - $64.00
Heavy Duty Trough with Wire Hay Rack
If the 4x4 welded wire does not meet your needs, the vertical bars are a great option to these solid built hay racks.  They hay racks come in both 4' and 8' sizes.

(Item #GFHD4)
4' Heavy Duty Trough with Wire Hay Rack - $295.00

(Item #GFHD8)
8' Heavy Duty Trough with Wire Hay Rack - $399.00

Don't forget to add a 4' rain canopy for $99.00 or an 8' rain canopy for $149.00
Hay Rack Rain Canopy
Have rain coming in and want to keep your hay dry, well that is where our hay rack rain canopies can lend a hand.  Designed to be both UV resistant and waterproof.  They open from both sides to allow for easy access.

(Item #RC4)
4' Rain Canopy - $99.00

(Item #RC8)
8' Rain Canopy - $149.00
Heavy Duty Cattle/Horse Wall & Grain Feeder
Need something a little more sturdy to take the abuse that only cattle and horses can provide, then our heavy duty wall and grain feeder is for you.  With a size of 10' or 12' long, 45" tall, 24" wide, and 7" deep trough it is perfect for your hay and grain feeding.  A bonus is that the lower trough can catch dropped hay.

10' Heavy Duty Wall & Grain Feeder - $490.00

12' Heavy Duty Wall & Grain Feeder - $560.00
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